iOS Sticker Packs

With iOS 10 introduced in September, 2016, Apple brought the fun of stickers to customers around the world. First achieving popularity in apps such as Line, the creativity of people everywhere is now unleashed to bring amazing sticker ideas to life on your iPhone. I had a few created based on some fun projects I was working on. Hope you enjoy them!

cny - icon - 1024 x 768.png
easter - icons- 1024.png

Chinese New Year Sticker pack

Happy Spring Festival and Chinese New Year! Gong xi fa cai! Gung hay fat choy! Enjoy the 12 zodiac symbols and two special surprises from Canada. I hope you enjoy sharing these with your family and friends. Which animal is your favourite?



Easter bunny versus sticker pack

Easter. A time for family, for chocolate, and for egg hunts. And most of all, a time for the entire world to talk about how much they love the Easter Bunny. Well, now there are some other animals that are coming for the job and all the attention. Is the world ready for the Easter Dog? The Easter Moose? The Easter Monkey? How about the Easter Sheep? Or even the Easter Rooster? The time has come to see if other animals have what it takes to be the focus of Easter!

sweater icons 2-1024.png

ugly christmas sweaters sticker pack

Merry Textmas! It's not a party until someone shows up with an ugly Christmas sweater. Get inspired this holiday season and make your friends and family laugh with this collection of hilarious Christmas Stickers. Ugly Christmas sweaters like these were popular gifts back in the 1980's, and now for the first time you can easily share them in iMessage. Hope you enjoy them!

poutine icon-1024.png
Toronto Icons-1024 × 768.png
red panda stickers-04.png

canadian things sticker pack

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! Canada has so many awesome things to share with the world. Everyone needs to try our poutine, Montreal bagels and maple syrup. To visit our amazing landmarks like Niagara Falls, Parliament buildings and the CN Tower. And to see our many amazing animals, like a moose or a beaver. You probably don't want to see a polar bear in person. Inspired by my first kids book - Airplane School: First Adventure to Canada


Toronto we the 6ix sticker pack

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! Share your love for the greatest city in the world - Toronto. We The 6ix Sticker Pack celebrates a few of the iconic buildings and more that make Toronto memorable. From the home of the Jays to the Fairmont, bank towers and the St Lawrence Market, Canada's largest city is incredible. Inspired by my first children's book Airplane School: First Adventure to Canada, which features these images.


sporty kids sticker pack

25+ awesome stickers of kids playing sports. Let's make sure our kids are active and healthy! Hockey, soccer, swimming, cricket and many more. Hope you enjoy them! The inspiration comes from and my first children's book - Airplane School: First Adventure to Canada.


Red Panda Sticker Pack

The latest sticker pack from the talented Rosey Cheekes! Have some fun with this collection of over 15 Red Panda stickers