Inspired by our incredible family experience while living in Dubai for 2.5 years, I decided to fulfill a lifelong bucket list item and write my first book. I sketched out the idea based upon the experience of watching my girls in an amazing multi-cultural classroom, and thought it might make for an interesting storyline. 


The process

Writing to me comes in spurts. One day the ideas will flow and you are madly scribbling down everything in a notebook. Then you need to take some time away and think about it. Once you're done the initial draft, it's almost like the work is just beginning. The editing process is challenging, and you need to have different people see and comment. It's incredibly helpful to have a second, third, fourth and more sets of eyes, as people will see things very differently from you. 



We live in an amazing time where anyone can tell a story and share it with the world. I had to learn about the world of book publishing. It's amazing that you can create a story and make it available around the world. Using CreateSpace from Amazon for on-demand print publishing, to the world of eBooks, where I created publishing accounts with Amazon KDP and the Apple Bookstore. 

Stop thinking it’s not possible or you’re too busy. Just buy a notebook and start writing whenever you feel inspired!

What I've Achieved

  • Partnered with an amazingly talented illustrator named Randi Cheng (Rosey Cheekes) who recently graduated from the Seneca College illustration program
  • Set myself up as a publisher so that I could create my own ISBN's, which are free in Canada (yeah, Canadian government supporting arts!)
  • Create publishing accounts to distribute on all the major platforms - Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Smashwords
  • Create the print version from InDesign. This was challenging! 
  • Working with an aggregator for the eBook versions. The formatting is really a challenge. 
  • Come up with a marketing plan for launch, and for post-launch
  • Figure out a launch date
  • Hope that people enjoy reading the book with their kids as much as I enjoyed writing it!